iGEM Presentation, Cancer Research.

As my iGEM summer comes to a close, the team and I are finishing up work on our project and preparing to give a presentation at the 2008 iGEM Jamboree at MIT on November 8th, 2008. I am looking forward to giving my talk at MIT in a few weeks, meeting fellow iGEMers from across the planet, and showing off all our hard work! As soon as the talk is available online, I’ll link to it from my website here.

I’ve never seen Boston before, so I also plan to take the opportunity to visit Systems Biology labs in the Boston/Cambridge area and visit some old friends.

Since the start of October I’ve also been diving into my Whitaker Fellowship project at the Cambridge Research Institute on the Addenbrookes Hospital campus. My first task thus far is writing image analysis code to process the fluorescent em-PCR beads that hold our methylation data. Dry work at a comfy desk is a welcome and relaxing change from the hectic pace of lab work. But while MATLAB and R are much easier to debug than PCR primers and plasmid ligations, I’m sure I’ll miss the hands-on work soon enough.

Last but not least, I’ve finally gotten around to updating my curriculum vitae to include the Genome Research Paper that was recently published, as well as my work with iGEM and my current Whitaker Fellowship. It’s also linked on the menu bar.

Hopefully I’ll soon get a chance to add some summaries of my past research projects to this website, along with pictures and code. Look back soon for a completed Projects page.