Classes and Rotations

Another update is in order, now that the semester is more than half-over. My HST courses are keeping me busy, and the fall weather here is turning colder by the day. The leaves are quite pretty though!

I’ve started a rotation in the Ron Weiss lab, who has recently moved to MIT from Princeton University. We share some interests in combining simulation and modeling with synthetic biology, an I’m taking the opportunity to branch out into the wet lab and get my hands dirty. My project as it currently stands involves replicating some of the experiments in the Voigt/Lim lab’s recent Nature paper; we are interested in using their light-activated construct to specify synaptic partners for neurons grown in-vitro. My iGEM experience has given me a bit of a head start, but now I’m learning the ‘art’ of mammalian cell culture, using lentiviral vectors, as well as some fancy microscopy techniques.

I’ve also uploaded PDFs of a poster and a presentation from my previous work at the Cancer Research Institute in Cambridge, UK. They’re on my poster/presentation page.

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Daniel Bryan Goodman is currently an NSF Graduate Research Fellow at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology (HST). His current research involves technology development for synthetic and systems biology. He is synthesizing thousands of genes, globally modifying genomes, and interrogating the function of genetic elements in humans and model organisms for both clinical and basic research.